Eisenberg (Jezeří) Music Summer 2014

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Under the auspices of doc. JUDr. Pavel Svoboda PhD., D. E. A., Member of European Parliament

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on all weekends of August at the state castle Eisenberg (Jezeri)


On Saturday August 2 at 5 pm and Sunday August 3 at 3pm

Assassino per vendetta– chamber opera by Jan Josef Rosler

Lobkowicz Kapellmeister

Director: Miroslav Rovensky, Music Director: Alena Honigova

Playing and singing: Anna Hlavenkova, Daniel Issa, Jaromir Nosek, Javier Hagen

Jana Chytilova, Jiri Sycha, Ivo Anyz, Ilze Grudule, Alena Honigova

Choir: Denisa Birosova, Lada Lenickova, Daniela Javorcekova, Katerina Andrsova, Iva Lokajickova, Jiri Kukal, Milos Vokac,
Jan Kukal, Pavel Svoboda, Karel Vik


On Saturday August 9 at 5 pm

"Last Trap"

String quartets by J. Haydn, F. Gleissner and piano quintet by W. A. Mozart

Camesina Quartett (Berlín), Alena Honigova - fortepiano


On Sunday August 10 at 3 pm

"In Beethoven's Footsteps"

String Quartets by L. van Beethoven, C. G. Reissiger and piano quintet by Felix Mendelssohn

Camesina Quartett (Berlín), Alena Honigova- fortepiano


On SaturdayAugust 16 at 5 pm

Ludwig van Beethoven: To the Distant Beloved

Raitis Grigalis - baritone, Alena Honigova - fortepiano


On Sunday August 17 at 3 pm

Jan Vaclav Krtitel Tomasek: Songs to the Goethe's Poems

Marketa Cukrova - mezzo-soprano, Alena Honigova - fortepiano


On Sunday August 24 at 3 pm

Virtuoso Cello Pieces by A. Kraft a L. van Beethoven

Ilze Grudule- cello, Alena Honigova - fortepiano

The exceptionality of the Lobkowicz Band arose mainly from its artistic cast. As the Director of Vienna Theatres, Frantisek Maxmilian Lobkowicz had excellent connections and managed to engage real virtuosos of European calibre. One of them was Antonin Kraft, a cellist who had already achieved a great career as a soloist of the famous Esterhazy Band where he played under the baton of Joseph Haydn. Prince Esterhazy regarded Kraft very high and allowed him to perform concerts across Europe.


On Saturday August 30 at 5 pm

Eroica Variations – Closing Concert

Pieces for fortepiano by Ludwig van Beethoven, Muzio Clementi and Jan Josef Rosler.

Alena Honigova – period piano

A concert commemorating the anniversary of the first, private performance of Eroica Symphony at Jezeri castle in 1804. It observes the birth of the famous theme and the atmosphere of its formation. It should not only be a memory of the glorious moment of our history but also a herald of the very performance of the whole symphony in near future in the newly refurbished theatre where it was once heard.


On SaturdayAugust 30 at 10 pm

Night of Castles at Eisenberg (N. Jommelli cantatas CD launch)

A night full of surprises with music by Jommelli, Gluck but also Latin American Baroque composers.

Barbara Kusa (FRA/ ARG) - soprano, Alena Honigova - harpsichord, fortepiano